Anglo Pacific Brings Very rare Triumph Back home from Malta

13 Nov 2014 16:00
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A year hunting for and 15 vehicle viewings later Glyn Williams from Buckinghamshire finally found an immaculate Triumph TR4A - in Malta. Not desiring the long method to tumble at the last barrier, he entrusted its shipping to Anglo Pacific.

“The cars viewed in the UK had been rebuilt, but fairly poorly, therefore I had to look further afield,” claims engineer Glyn.“As soon as I found the 1965 TR4A advertised in Malta, I struck up a link with the owner and after a few Fifty thorough pics, routine assessments and 2 months of negotiation - we agreed upon a price. It has ended up, in the main, to be a very good purchase at a reasonable cost and all I want now is some good weather to experience hood-down driving with the family. The wettest January ever since records began has not been kind."

Glyn went for Anglo Pacific to undertake the move as, first of all, its London Home office was convenient geographically for him, and secondly, he felt great confidence after talking to Terry Horsnell, Client Manager at Anglo Pacific, a man who has been in the shipping business for Thirty years.

“Managing precious freight such as Glyn’s Triumph, a vehicle he spent 1 year tracking down, is one of the main reasons I truly appreciate my work at Anglo Pacific,” reveals Terry. “Not only do I get to supervise the safe shipping and delivery of a distinctive object from A to B, I also get to play a very small part in some exciting stories. I hope Glyn gets many miles, and smiles, from his eye-catching ‘new’ classic car.”

Glyn is gracious for Terry’s dedication to the role, “Anglo Pacific demonstrated to be an awesome choice as Terry has been absolutely top notch in every regard. His focus on detail and exceptional communication maintained trust during the entire whole shipping and delivery procedure. I would have no doubt in recommending Anglo Pacific in the future.”


A vintage car enthusiast for well over Five decades, Glyn has owned and completely rebuilt many vehicles from pre-War Rileys to T Type MGs and E Type Jaguars to Austin Healeys. His most recent buy, the TR4A, is an uprated version of the first TR4 that was launched in 1961 - uprated meaning that it has a superior engine, independent rear suspension and little adjustments to the trim and chrome work.

The TR4A sold well, with the vast majority being exported, and today it appears there are just about Two hundred and fifty of them registered in the UK, making the TR4A much sought-after and quite hard to source in truly great condition. If Glyn’s investment holds up well and is reasonably trouble-free, he'll pass the vehicle on to his son who is a great Triumph fanatic.

Glyn finishes, “I haven't any plans to buy any other vintage vehicles as I find them too time consuming and costly to maintain. However, that does not lessen my love of these charming classic bits of machinery and my heart even now misses a beat when I see an MG TC, as it was in an MG TC, Fifty one years ago, that my wife and I went on our honeymoon. Such wonderful memories.”

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